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We are Lüp.

We enrich event experiences for over 2 million people every year by partnering with Event Organisers and Exhibitors at more than 200 events across the globe. 

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What We Do

Lüp is a full service event information strategy company whose power lies in our ability to fuse intelligence, technology and deep events expertise to create our integrated suite of products.

These products are designed and built by our team to work in synergy at the deepest levels. Together, they enable a seamless experience for visitors, exhibitors and organisers alike.

We call this our instant feedback Lüp

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Formed in 2011 with a vision to empower people to influence the outcome of their event experience, the Lüp team aspires to invigorate the events market around the world. We tailor our offering to various event groups, ensuring that we deliver the best service and product available in the industry.

Ultimately, we help brands meaningfully engage with the people who matter most.

Over 200 events and 12,500 Exhibitors love being in the Lüp
Join them and enrich your event experience...

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