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Lüp Rewards Advertising

With a thriving audience at our fingertips, and your exceptional product in mind, our reach extends to over 300K subscribers across Australia and New Zealand. Immerse your brand in success as we deliver eNewsletters, promotions, and exclusive deals directly to our engaged audience. Elevate your product or business with our tailored promotional solutions – we've got your back.

Unlock opportunities! Connect with our audience—secure your spot in our newsletters.

Grow Your Vision

We have identified and cultivated seven distinct audience segments. Each segment represents a unique demographic or interest group, allowing advertisers to tailor their message to a specific audience.

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We have built up an active audience size of up to 300,000

Advertising Packages


Premium ad package

From $800

  • Placement: Featured prominently at the top of our monthly email newsletter

  • Size: 1917 x 1079 px

  • Benefits:

    • Increased visibility.

    • Ideal for showcasing detailed content.

    • Captures attention with a larger visual presence.


Square Ad package
From $500

  • Placement: Positioned within articles in our monthly email newsletter.

  • Size: 500 x 500

  • Benefits:

    • Affordable option for effective brand exposure.

    • Suitable for concise and impactful messages.

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Why advertise with us...

  • Targeted Reach - With our segmented approach, your message will be directly delivered to the audience most interested in your product or service.


  • Website Visits - Gain valuable insights into audience engagement by knowing the number of people who clicked through to your website.


  • Established Audience - Join a community of up to 300,000 engaged subscribers who trust and value the content we deliver.


  • Cost-Effective Advertising - Benefit from our competitive pricing, designed to offer a cost-effective solution for your advertising needs.

How to advertise


Select Your Segment

Choose the audience segment that aligns best with your target market.


Choose Your Ad Size

Decide between the Premium or Square ad space based on your messaging needs and budget.


Submit Your Creative

Provide us with your ad content in the required format by the given deadline.


Review and Confirm

Our team will review your ad, and upon approval, we will confirm your placement in the upcoming newsletter.

Advertise with us.

We have the audience, you have the product or idea. We have over 300K subscribers throughout Australia and New Zealand who receive eNewsletters, promotions and exclusive deals from us.

If you want your product or business promoted, let our marketing team know by filling out the form and we will be in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

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